Why go to all that bother?

SonexAus – Why go to all that bother? Ever wondered if it is really worth all that effort to build your own Sonex? Here is an extract from an email from Lynn Jarvis recounting his trip home from Temora:

I had a marvelous flight out of Temora. With the smooth cool air I was achieving 115kt at 2900rpm! I was flying towards a full moon still high in the sky. Morning mist and wisps of low cloud were below and a layer of thin cloud above. Over Naranderra I flew past a dozen or more balloons apparently motionless and all at different altitudes. The ground was slipping past very easily despite 10kt headwind. A little further on, there were very high "mares tail" clouds in advance of the front and what appeared to be a wall of rain, but it turned out to be just cloud. After Swan Hill though the turbulence started plus a 20kt headwind. The headwind was stronger at altitude so I had to stay below 1500ft and it reduced to 15kts. It was rough, and the that leg tested my bladder capacity. I got back just before the rain started….