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SonexAus – Sonex Videos Why go to all that bother…
Aaron Knight again but this time over Alaska Fantastic scenery and fortunately we can’t hear him singing.

Aaron Knight does aerobatics/music video.. friggin inspirational and totally awesome!!!

Saturday Morning Flight Nice video with lots of aerobatics by Gary Motley Waiex to Oshkosh and back across the Rockies

The Sonex Feeling:

Weekend Flying with Friends

Thu Dec 6, 2012 5:06 am (PST) . Posted by:

"MHCrowder" MHCrowder

After a nice visit to Ernie’s Restaurant in South Boston, VA. Peter S. offered to give a tour of Kerr Lake on our return trip to home. I had mounted a GoPro Hero2 camera on the bottom of my wing and captured some nice video. I sped up the speed to 4X and uploaded it to YouTube. Watch at 1080p if possible. The video is just over 9 minutes long (or 36 minutes of flight time).

This is one of the reasons I took up flying! Beautiful!

Check out this latest video on YouTube: YouTube clip

EAA video on the Onex:

Play time in a Sonex: some nice gentle aeros in Colorado: Click here for YouTube: Play time in a Sonex
Aero TV: Inside the Hornet’s Nest: an introduction to Sonex Aircraft. Click here to go to Aero TV
Great video of what it is all about. Tom Huebbe
American Sonex Association 2010 Crossville Flyin
Tom talks about his Sonex Toms talk
Quick sonex circuit at Oshkosh 2010
Aaron & Isaiah’s Sonex trip to the Bahamas Out-Islands
First flight of the Onex
Fly in the Onex
Tom Huebbe’s lastest offering
Aaron Knights latest trip to the Bahamas
Just because you like to look at Sonex’s Spring Fling
Tom Huebbe does it again Video Here
Another inspiring video by Tom Huebbe and his sons Video Here
Remember to secure the canopy or else Video Here

Go for a fling in a Sonex! take a look at this link, originally posted on the Sonextalk Yahoo group site:
Sonex aeros

Winter Thermals in a Xenos
Check out this YouTube video of someone spinning a Sonex.
Or perhaps the view of the Bahamas from a Sonex com/watch? v=J2gTQVZkxTs