Greg Jones Sonex 382

SonexAus – Greg Jones Sonex 382 September 18th 2013, you can mark that day as a significant event in the Sonex 382 build. My trusty mentor and tool lender Tony Richardson and I have drilled the two wing attachment holes, and the after bit of reaming the bolts fitted perfect.

Oh by the way, I did manage to spill a bit of claret whilst doing the drilling so I guess you can say I am a real Sonex builder.

For Stuart, the 3/8″ locating pins in the drilling kit are not 3/8* in diameter. They are in fact 0.040″ undersize, so they they are next to useless when drilling the wings. I will see if I can get a couple the right size for inclusion into the kit.

Now its off for a celebratory beer/wine. Cheers.

Plans/Scratch built Tri-Gear

Greg is about ready to rig his wings.