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Add your tools here or email Stuart and he will add the entry for you.

Wing rigging pilot drills. The kit includes a long 1/4 drill, a 3/8 drill with a 1/4 pilot and a set of various pins used to locate the bolts into the holes. Contact Stuart at
Richo_pic_WingRigKit.JPGEverything you need for a perfect job
Very large crimping tool. I have a very large crimping tool suitable to make the earth and starter cables. Best way to do these is to buy the electrical cable used on arc welders, 25cubic mm in cross section. The big lugs can be purchased from electrical supply places. Better still, tell me what lengths and the size lugs you need and I will make them up for you and send them at cost. If you want to do your own, borrow the crimper. Contact Stuart

Hockey Stick Bender. I have made a very effective and accurate tool for putting the bend in Waiex V-tail "hockey sticks" could probably be used to bend Sonex horizontal stablizer spar. Contact at Peter Henry

Another Hockey Stick Bender is also available, Newcastle or Sydney, no problem I can drop off. It is pretty heavy to post however. Contact: Peter Eedy (Waiex #109) at


Xenos Wing Rigging Pilot Drill

Chris Dearden and Steve Nelson have a 1/2 drill bit with a 3/8 leader used for drilling the main wing pins for the Xenos. Contact Chris at

Swing Back Canopy Plans
I have a copy of the American Sonex Association swing back canopy plans , if any one wants a copy pls let me know.
A modest donation to Stuart’s fund for the Australian Sonex Association (say $10+) would be appreciated but is not demanded.
Peter Eedy – Waiex 109.

Leading edge bending press
I guess this is only useful for anyone in Tasmania (Hobart area), but I made up a press for the leading edge skins.
It’s been used twice, on my skins and on another Tassie builders skins.
Anyway, more than happy if anyone wants to come and use it, too big to transport I’m afaid.
Contact me :
external image forming05.JPG

Form Blocks and flanging dies
I have a set of Sonex flanging dies and form blocks for anyone scratch building.
The flanging dies come from Sonex but the fom blocks were professionally made by another Sonex builder who had access to CNC machining equipment.
Michael De Feyter, Sonex #145

Landing Gear Leg – Repair Tools This is a set of reamers and a stepped drill which may be useful if your Sonex develops the dreaded loose landing gear syndrome. It includes:
a. Straight reamer, 6.35 mm (0.25")
b. Stepped drill, pilot 5.9 mm (0.2322") final size 7.53 mm (0.2965")
c. Stepped reamer, pilot 7.48 mm (0.2945"), final size 7.82 mm (0.3079")
d. Stepped reamer, pilot 7.48 mm (0.2945"), final size 7.93 mm (0.3122")
Drill and reamers landing gear repair.JPG
The set gives you the option of drilling out and reaming the holes for a tight fit 5/16" bolt or drilling out and bushing a worn hole in the leg to restore it to original size.
Contact Peter Anson