Ideas for more fuel

SonexAus – Ideas for more fuel Built in tank behind the seat

Check out the aux tank on Steve’s Sonex 892 (Steve’s Project Page)
Plans here: _fuel tank pdf (4).pdf

Stuart Trist’s Jab2200 Sports Trainer uses the passenger seat jerry can option.


The tank is just a metal jerry can with a Facit fuel pump mounted on the top. I fitted a metal pick up tube into the can at the top under the handle. The protruding end is located to a cross member and the whole joint between can and tube has epoxy steel around it. It wont leak or move. I fitted a vent to the can also in the same way. The hoses from these two have outboard motor quick connect valves which enable you to disconnect the hoses from the plane without spilling any fuel. Dont forget to put an earth strap from the can to the plane. The whole tank is held in place by the passenger seat belts which, according to my friendly LAME, is the strongest anchorage available and is right on the CofG.


The fuel line leads into a small tap on the panel. This enables me to ensure the fuel line is completely sealed from the cockpit unless I am transfering fuel. I have a 12v socket for the power lead from the pump and a small switch to turn it on when required.

What I like about this is I can take the whole lot out to fill the jerry can and when it is not needed and it was very cheap and easy to install. Some people dont like the thought of a can of fuel on the seat next to you, but you get used to it. Not much different to the 55 litres under the glareshield.

Another alternative
Temporary seat tanks etc. Turtle-Pac

Adrian Clout’s auxilliary tank setup.Ideas for more fuel