Dimpling using the Cleaveland Tools DIENQ set

SonexAus – Dimpling using the Cleaveland Tools DIENQ set I recently saw the best flush riveting job I have seen on any Sonex variant. Brian Rebbechi is building a Xenos, and the photo below shows a close-up of one of the nose skin flush rivets. The grey flecks are just residual Duralac.
Flush rivet close-up.JPG
The process he used was:

  1. Re-bend the nose skins so that they are a better fit against the ribs. Quite a few builders perform this operation. Brian used the Tony Spicer bend brake method but you could also use the vacuum bag method.
  2. Fit the skins and pilot all holes to 3/32" or #40
  3. Dimple the holes using Dimple Die Set for 1/8" Adel N or Q – #40 Pilot (Item number DIENQ) available from Cleaveland Tools – http://www.cleavelandtool.com/Dimple-Die-Set-for-1_8-Adel-N-or-Q-40-Pilot/productinfo/DIENQ/#.WjEJo1WWbIU
  4. Assemble the parts using 1/8" Clecos – the dimpling process enlarges the hole to nearly 1/8".
  5. Drill or ream the holes to 1/8" (not #30) and rivet.

View along wing.JPG