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I have been thinking about putting a sleeve on my joy stick for some time but could not get it to go on.
Even with lubricant it just was not interested. (I ripped that one)
Steve will tell you the bare stick gets very cold on Bathurst mornings and if you wear gloves your hand
slips up and down the stick. (Un-voluntarily I hasten to add)

I have come up with a method to get it on so easy I could not believe it. It went straight on within 1/2
an inch. (The bit I was holding)

I used the connection I made a while ago for my static compression tester. (Not completed as usual)

It’s a spark plug machined off to remove the insulator and joined with a connection for my air hose.

This is a nice tight fit into some 20mm plastic conduit. The large section is slightly larger than the joy stick.

I slipped the sponge sleeve over the large section of conduit held it tight with my hand and turned on
a small amount of air. I then pushed the sleeve over the stick and it went on with zero resistance.

It stopped when the conduit hit the stick, leaving me 1/2 an inch to push on without the air , this was
no problem.

That’s the second use for the air connection to spark plug , I have a third.

Every time is take my plugs out there is a lot of crap in the threads which I like to get out. What I use to do
was get another old plug and file 3 or 4 flats in the threaded section to make it look and act like a tap.
I would then put some grease on it to collect the muck so it would not fall in the cylinder and gently screw
it into the cylinder head to remove the crud. This method has served me for years on cars and bikes.

I have a better method IMHO. Instead of greasing the tap I screw the air connection into the second plug
hole and add some air. With the piston on the power stroke. (both valves shut) The only way the air can
escape is up the second plug hole. So when I screw my tap in all the crud comes out in my face.
(Haven’t solved that one yet).

If I can figure out how to get some photos in here I will do it.