SonexAUS Incorporated

SonexAus – SonexAUS Incorporated At our meeting at Temora at Easter 2012 we established our previously loosely organised group into a not-for-profit association incorporated in Victoria.

We set our membership fee at $10 and had over 25 join up.
(How to join SonexAUS)

Office bearers were elected as follows:
President: Lynn Jarvis
Vice President: Adrian Clout
Secretary: Stuart Trist
Treasurer: Brian Ham
Ordinary members: Peter Eedy, Keith Jeffs

CASA were excited to hear of SonexAUS incorporation

A number of our members have supported a proposal to register SonexAUS as an incorporated association.


  • It provides legal protection. Members cannot be sued for more than the cost of their yearly membership. We are starting to organise more events such as flyins, and incorporation offers a measure of security should the unthinkable occur and someone goes looking for someone to blame for it.
  • An incorporated association has legal requirements regarding financial accountability to members. We can open a bank account, raise some working capital through a modest membership fee and spend some money on promotion, displays, tools etc.
  • We could use this as a vehicle to organise importation of spare parts eg canopies

How much will it cost?

Incorporation costs $61 to register and a yearly fee of around $40.

Do we have to write a constitution?

You have the choice of adopting the model rules for incorporated associations as they are, making changes to them or writing your own set of rules. The model rules have been developed over time and neatly cover all the possible eventualities that could occur. I am strongly recommending we simply adopt the model rules in their entirety.
Click here to download the model rules:
Model rules for an incorporated association.docModel rules for an incorporated association.doc
Model rules for an incorporated association.doc

Do we have to write a statement of purposes?

Yes. This sets the purpose of the association and cannot be changed without going through Consumer Victoria and paying an amendment fee. I am proposing the following statement. Feel free to comment or amend:

‘SonexAus supports the owners and builders of the Sonex family of homebuilt aircraft. It aims to promote the building of Sonex aircraft as a recreational and educational pursuit and to advocate for the interests of Sonex owners and builders. SonexAus provides a wide range of practical assistance, information and social activities and flyins for the benefit of members and friends. SonexAus will maintain appropriate and effective working relationships and affiliations with SAAA, RAAus, AOPA and other relevant organisations and, if required, represents the interests of Sonex owners and builders with relevant government regulators. ’

Do we have a membership fee?

I am proposing a modest fee of $10 for the first year. If we decide we want to do more we might want to increase this in the future.

Do we have a committee?

The model rules specify a committee of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two ordinary members. I have already managed to get volunteers for the President and Treasurer positions and will humbly offer myself as Secretary for the first year. I have more than enough volunteers for the other positions and we might even have an election at Temora.

What other obligations does Incorporation involve?

Each year the Secretary fills in an annual return and pays a yearly fee. The return requires the minutes of the AGM, information about the number of members, the membership fees charged and a simple financial report. We have to run at least three committee meetings per year (they can be via teleconference) and must have an AGM within 4 months of the end of the financial year. Unless we turnover more than $150,000 per year we don’t need externally audited financial statements.

How do we do this?

The law requires members of an association be given 21 days notice prior to a meeting to decide to incorporate.