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Once again Peter & Anne McLean have offered to host a gathering of Sonex marque aircraft at their excellent facilities, Hangar 19 Yarrawonga VIC.

Aircraft are welcome to fly in on the Saturday, stay overnight and depart Sunday at your leisure or just turn up on one of the days!
Dinner at a local pub is envisaged Saturday night for a meal, frothies, chin wagging and lie swapping.
At this stage no other formal activities have been planned but it is hoped there will be enough aircraft on the line
to keep everyone busy looking, discussing, enjoying etc.

Fuel is available on the field and familiarity with Yarrawonga’s ERSA entry is encouraged.
The Hangar 19 Pilot shop also stocks a large range of consumables and spares if needed.

The 2015 Megafauna fly away is due to depart the Sunday morning 10:00am, so with something like 60 participants milling about, it might be a bit busy for a while.

A bus will be available to take attendees into town to accommodation Saturday and return them early Sunday morning. (Sharing with Megafauna fliers)
Once the Megafaunas depart, the bus will be following them to their first overnight stop, so I guess we will have to be up early!
The Megafauna’s have booked out 2 Yarrawonga Motels (Belmore and Burkes) but Peter assures me there should be plenty of other rooms available in Yarrawonga in May.

For more info Contact Tony Richardson through the discussion board or shoot an email aj_richo@yahoo.com.au
For info on local conditions at Yarrawonga contact Peter at yft@yarrawongaflighttraining.com.au
Website: Yarrawonga Flight Training

Heads up for 2016

Peter is also planning a National Flyin May-June 16 to get as many aircraft to Yarrawonga as he can. He specifically mentioned would like to see as many Sonex aircraft as possible attend!
Peter is also working to get the town on board as well, to take ownership of the event and support it in lots of ways like food, accommodation discounts etc. Sounds promising, dates to be advised!

ywg_hardstand.jpgThe BST at Yarrawonga 2012

Richo_plane_talking.jpgPlane talking, Yarrawonga 2011

Operating restrictions now in force for Jabiru powered aircraft: All builders and owners of Sonex with Jabiru power plants should note the operating restrictions in place for Jabiru powered aircraft imposed by CASA on 22 December 2014. Click here for details.



ANOTHER First Flight! : Peter Bakker Sonex 1430, Registration 19-8464 After 3 years and 10 months building, last Thursday 9 of October 2014 my Sonex #1430 registration 19-8464 flew for the first time by Steve Nelson as test Pilot.
More details here: My Project Page
Is this a record for Australia.. 3 first flights in less than 30 days?

First Flight: SONEX 19-8213 s/n #813 When: Saturday 4 Oct 14
Where: Callington SA
After a long gestation of 8 years 2 months and 28 days Sonex 8213 finally took flight at 3:30 pm into a blustery but sunny afternoon at Callington Airstrip SA.
We were airborne for 30 minutes with 3 bump and goes before a full stop and taxi back to the hangar.
Peter Anson flew over from Kyneton on Friday for a visit. Before leaving on his rocket flight back, Peter kindly took me for a familiarisation flight to give me a few pointers
and some time on the controls. Thanks Peter and Lynn for sticking around for the flight. More pics on my Project Page.

richo_inflightscreenshot.jpgSee.. on final for Runway 34 at Callington
Richo_sonex_grin.jpgThe ubiquitous Sonex Grin

First Flight: WAIEX 19-8330 s/n #149 When: Sunday 22nd
Where: YLTV
After 4 years 2 months and 21 days my Waiex left the bonds of Earth and leapt into the sky. Flew beautifully. (sorry about the quality of the pictures more will follow).

DSCN2005.jpg DSCN2011.jpg DSCN2019.jpg DSCN2022.jpg
Peter Henry

Watts Bridge “Gathering of Eagles”
Roger Connolly flew into Watts Bridge last weekend as per his post in the Discussion Group, Roger makes a couple of appearances in the video in VH-YEX.
I guess the event will be more famous for the unfortunate Stearman ground loop, but there is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Roger’s sharp looking, high performance Waiex in the circuit, caused the Stearman pilot to lose concentration on his approach.

Richo_stearman1.jpgBoeing, Boeing… gone.. !
richo_roger1.jpgArriving at about 2:59 on the video and featured departing at 5:36

Tumut Fly-in 30/31 Aug 2014 The Tumut Aero Club turned on a friendly atmosphere, homemade snacks and beautiful flying conditions. Aircraft included microlights, gyro-copters, general aviation and even one bloke with an Inspector Gadget suit.
tumut flyin.jpg
The Sonex flight line at Tumut – Peter Anson, Doug McLean and Brian Ham

American Sonex Association are holding their 11th annual gathering 10-11 Oct 14 Cliff Jarvis forwarded an email detailing the event here: Last year they had around 30 registrations, would be awesome to attend to see that many Sonex aircraft at the one location!

Sonex Winter Fly-In Goolwa, South Australia 12/13 July 2014 – I was just reading in the latest Sport Pilot about a fly-in where the weather was perfect – not ours. The weather at Goolwa on Saturday was not too bad and Sunday was beautiful, but unfortunately the weather in Vic. and NSW kept everybody grounded. A few hardy Victorians with too much time on their hands managed the long low flight along the highway to meet up with a happy band of South Australians to turn what could have been a disaster into a pretty good weekend. Lynn Jarvis, the only true fly-in, and Chris Dearden, whose Xenos is based at Goolwa, took quite a few of the attendees for local flights and the dinner at the Central Motel’s restaurant was fuelled by pint glasses of Guinness. I seem to remember that CASA was a popular topic of conversation, and isn’t it nice to be popular?
Goolwa 2014_1.JPGGoolwa July 2014 – at Chris Dearden and Steve Nelson’s hangar The well rugged up group in front of Chris and Steve’s hangar. Blue jeans are very fashionable this year.
Goolwa 2014_2.JPG
Cliff Jarvis, Lynn Jarvis, Peter Bakker and Chris Dearden
Goolwa 2014_3.JPGGoolwa 2014_4.JPG
Our tiny flight line and the Jarvis “brothers” with Lynn taking Cliff and a small furry animal for a flight.

Approaching Completions and First Flights, any Project updates? :
There are 3 projects we know of that are nearing completion, with first flights looming in the not too distant future. How many more are at that stage, have you updated or created a page for your project recently?
Actually it doesn’t matter what stage you are at, let us know what you’re doing.
Its easy to do or if you have something you’d like posted on your behalf, send photos and a few words to Tony Richardson or send email to aj_richo at yahoo.com.au
We’d love to hear from you!

First Flight – Brian Ham – 4th Jan 2014

Brian’s beautiful all-silver Sonex finally took to the air on Saturday 4th Jan. Brian showed great patience in waiting for ideal flying conditions, but he has finally done the deed – first flight in an aircraft he built himself – something that not too many of us achieve.

Natfly Easter 2015: Notice of SonexAus Annual General Meeting
Financial members of SonexAUS are advised of the 2015 Annual General Meeting to be held during the Natfly Convention at Temora, NSW:
Date: Saturday 4 April 2015 at 5pm Venue: Barry McFarlane’s Hangar (SonexAUS Hangar), Temora Airport, Temora NSW.


1. Welcome to members, apologies and identification of any proxy holders.
2. President’s Report
3. Secretary’s Report
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Election of the new committee:
Vice President
Two ordinary members
6. Confirmation of the Joining Fee and Membership Fee.
Joining fee: $0 Membership fee: $10

To download the AGM agenda, nomination form and proxy formNotice of AGM 2014.docx.

Eddie’s new Waiex:
Coming soon to Ballarat will be this Waiex being imported from Florida by new member Eddie Kuyper. Noiyce one Eddie…
Eddie Ks Waiex2.JPGEddie Ks Waiex1.JPG